The award is issued to all HAMs on the occasion of the 200 years ANNIVERSARY (Dec. 2nd 1805) "Battle of the Three Emperors" near Austerlitz:

1) QSO with OL70SW = 70 points, OL200BA, OL3EB, OL5AUS or OL5NAP = 50 points, OL40SW = 40 points.

2) 2 QSO are required with district Brno-venkov = GBV, Vyškov = GVY or special stns: OL5AFN, OL0 – 9BA (Battle at Austerlitz) or sufix AB (Austerlitz Battle) , AU (Austerlitz), CP (The Caim of Peace), TP (The Tumulus of peace) = 10 points.

3) The other points for QSOs with neighbour district: Blansko = GBL, Brno-město = GBM , Břeclav = GBR, Hodonín = GHO, Kroměříž = GKR, Prostějov = GPR, Třebíč = GTR , Znojmo = GZN and Žďár nad Sázavou = GZS = 5points.

4) EU and DX (outside OK/OM) fr QSO with OK/OL stnts = 2points.

5) VHF, UHF bands multiply by 2, QSOs via repeaters are not valid.

You need 200 points (200 years the anniversary of the Battle of the Three Emperors) you can work every stn all bands, all modes, but count only once, since July 1st 2005.

Application Form-Log (Call, Date,UTC, Band, mode) checked and signed by 2 HAMs, applicant statement signed and fees must be sent to:

Jaromír Klaška
Pratecká 186
664 51 Kobylnice

Fees: OK/OM 50Kč / 70Sk
EU / DX 7 IRC, 5 EUR or 7 USD

If you find any error then please contact Webmaster: jiridobrovolny(a.t)kobylnice(Day Of Transmiting=point)net